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By hansu at 2018-07-26 18:40 • 187次点击

Due to the recent ever-intensifying situation of online censorship in mainland China, I'm thinking of developing an encryption method for texts, which should meet the following requirements:

1. censorship proof
2. easy to decrypt
3. easy to desseminate

One possible solution is to encrypt the text body into the URL itself, and the url leads to a server where the encrypted text will be automatically decrypted. An already existed project: https://github.com/alcor/itty-bitty 1

The problem with this is the server(url) could be blocked by the Great Fire Wall effortlessly.

Another possible solution is to encrypt the text into QR code, which is actually the original usage of QR code back to when it was first created. That's actually a very ideal solution, but the problem here is when there are more than 200 characters, which is usually the case, WeChat fails to recognize the content.

There are, of course, other 3-party solutions to fulfill this, but a new platform is almost impossible to live up to its goal.

Anyway, if you are a developer, and have some idea or novel solutions to the problem raised above, please contact me at hansu at mit dot edu; if there're several people interested, we can do some brainstorm as well, looking forward to chatting with you guys.

yu yan ye shi yi zhong jia mi fang fa, fan yi jiu shi da jia mo ren de jie mi tu jing.


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